Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Sketches of 2010, First of 2011 and a Milestone Met

About the Sketchbooks:
Andy & I enjoyed Key West this weekend for New Year's...and usual my sketchbook came along with us. This time, it was two sketchbooks, both 3 by 5 inches: one almost full, one brand new. Milestone is that ONE is FULL of sketches and notes! Wow! I finished a sketchbook!
Normally, there are about five sketchbooks of various sizes scattered between my purses, studio, and car. All of sketchbooks are begun, but most have lots of empty pages waiting to be filled. I finished a sketchbook in 2010!!! I began a new sketchbook 12-31-10...and so far done a sketch daily in 2011. 

Yes, I know. It's only January 3rd. Full steam ahead!

Idea Contest News:
Among more news, I have the them for January to paint this month and send out to Bianca. She was the first to mention the theme "new beginnings." However, because the contest participation was modest this time, there will be a small thank you to all those who participated. This was a fun thing to try...and there are more contests in 2011. The next contest will be announced this week. 

Finally, the Sketches:
Please enjoy the last sketches done in 2010, and the first ones done in 2011. They were rendered using a 4H pencil and Tombow Dual Brush Pens in a Passport Travel Journal (which is full!!!!) and Handbook Journal.

Smiles, Angeline Marie of Angeline Marie Fine Art

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