Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Refresher: 6 Days Left of This Contest

Announcing, TWO IDEA Contests for February Prizes!

First contest: 
The contest theme for January is "Name this Painting!"

The person who enters the best and/or most popular idea gets a set of postcards of this painting!!!

Second contest:
It is 2011, and my website Angeline Marie's Fine Art should have all the copyright years, headlines, etc. updated with 2011. I need help, please, so I figured to make it a contest. Scour my website for any dates that you feel SHOULD read "2011," and send me a quick list of where the changes are needed. If you find anything else that needs to be fixed, send that, too. The person with the most "fixes" will win a set of postcards with the same painting. 

Enter both or either contest by signing up for my email list by sending your idea to angeline@angelinemarie.net. There are two more ways to enter, just skip to FAQs. I promise that the only things that will be sent to your email will be art news, sneak peeks at art in progress, and if your idea was the best of that month! 

Both contests with the theme of Name this Painting and "Need 2011" ends January 31st, 2011. The person with the winning idea will be contacted by February 7th, 2011 by email before publishing winning idea to this blog.

The winner for the theme "January" was Bianca C. with her idea of "new beginnings." Her idea was the most mentioned by those who entered. She will be receiving her set of postcards with the new painting by February 7th. However, to thank those who entered, they will be receiving a little thank you as well. Thanks to Rosie B., JJ, Jason, Sasha, and Juan P. for entering!!!

Remember, enter your idea, either by email, comment or Facebook.

Angeline Marie of 

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