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February Name This Painting Contest

Name This Painting for February!
Your Title Here - ©2010 by Angeline 23x33 inches
acrylics on paper

The person who enters the best title idea gets a set of postcards of this painting!!!

If you enter the contest by sending an email, I promise that the only things that will be sent to your email will be art news, sneak peeks at art in progress, and if your idea was the best of that month! 
Red Spring According to Purple - 10x16 in. acrylics on
paper ©2010 by Angeline Marie
February's Name This Painting contest ends February 23rd. The person with the winning idea will be contacted by March 1st, 2011 by email, telephone, or in person before publishing winning idea to this blog.

The winner for the January Name This Painting was Phil S. with his title Red Spring According to Purple. He will be receiving a set of postcards with the painting! Thank you, everyone, who entered! It was a lot of fun reading your ideas! 
Bianca with her set of postcards of New Beginnings
©2011 by Angeline Marie


Q1: Ok, I want to enter your contest because I have a GREAT idea. How can I get the idea to you? 

Email me at or leave a comment on any blog post. 

Q2: How many times can I enter your contest? 

Well, as many times as you have an idea. However, that might require you to actually email me (at See, I am still learning how this whole "email system" works with MailChimp...please be patient with me? 

If you don't want to email me, write on my Facebook Page Wall. My page is

Still want to enter, but don't want to enter your email address or get into Facebook? No worries! Write a comment to ANY blog post during the contest month and you are entered.

Q3: What if I already signed up for your email, how do I enter?

Facebook, blog post comment, or email. Just like in Question 2. =)

Q4: What if someone else has the same idea as I give you? How will you keep the contest fair to the first person with the idea?

Wonderful thing about email sign ups, Facebook, and blogs: ALL have date and time stamps!!! I will know who had the idea first because all three methods of entry automatically have when you entered your idea. Cool, huh?!

Q5: How long is the contest open each month? 

Three weeks...For example, since it is December 8th when I am writing this webpage and the contest begins on the 12th, it would be fair to take ideas until about January 1st. 2011. 

Q6: How do I win? What happens if there is a tie?

Your idea is part of a popularity contest. How many people enter the same idea, "like" your idea on my Facebook Wall or comment the same idea are considered "votes" if you were the first one to enter the idea. Tie breakers will be up to me, and I might do two paintings with the same theme. Ya never know!

Q7: What do I win?

You get a copy of the painting created based on your idea as a set of postcards. They will be sent to you as blanks so you can frame one and share two. The image will be photographed and reproduced for the postcard. You can even frame all of the postcards, if you wish, like Bianca C. did.

Q8: How long does it take to create a painting?

I have only a few weeks to work on your winning theme because the next contest for the next month will be in full swing. The painting will be small (under 11x14 inches) because the smaller the painting, the less time it takes to finish. Not always true, but it works out that way most of the time for me. 

Q9: Will I get to see the painting before the reward is sent to me? 

You get first dibs on seeing the image because of the email I will send you requesting your postal address. Then, the image will be posted on my blog, webpage, and Facebook for everyone to view. 

Q10: I visited your website (and love it), but I do not see mention of the contest there? Why is that? How can I enter the idea contest?

The reality of the website is that it is updated about once a month, depending on what is going on in and out of my art studio. Thank you for enjoying my art website - and for your patience.

Have more questions for me? Feel free to email, comment, or Facebook me. Thanks!!!

Remember, enter your idea, either by email, comment or Facebook.

Angeline Marie of 

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