Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exhibit Review: Artist Fred Thomas at Children's Gallery

Children's Gallery Installation of Free Spirit by Fred Thomas

Free Spirt #69 ©Fred Thomas
Part of the collection of 101 Free Spirits ©Fred Thomas

Angeline with artist Fred Thomas.

Free Spirit #76 ©Fred Thomas

Free Spirit #78 ©Fred Thomas

Two of the Free Spirits being raffled by the Children's Gallery ©Fred Thomas

Free Spirit #26 ©Fred Thomas

Art patrons enjoying the exhibit, with part of Free Spirits on display.

Carlos Franco, resident artist & co-director of the Children's Gallery.

Part of the Free Spirit series by Fred Thomas.
Free Spirit #28 ©Fred Thomas
The exhibit See the Spirit by Fred Thomas opened the evening of February 12th, 2011 to cool breezes and bright colors. There is something for everyone at this exhibit to enjoy for at least one of the Free Spirits will make you smile. 

Fred Thomas has created a large series of art work based on a design of a woman. This design is repeated in each of the works but with different media and colors. After he drew her once, Fred says he became obsessed and calls her Free Spirit. If you ask him who she is, she is simply a female who is standing in a small boat, arms outstretched with her hair lifted in the wind. She is the design, and the viewer's delight of this exhibit. There are probably more Free Spirits waiting for freedom in Fred's studio, but these are whimsical and happy.

The 101 Free Spirits are all the same size: 12 by 9 inches. The main supports observed were wood and canvas. Free Spirits exist as just paint, or collage, or metal work, or mixed media. The Children's Gallery curated the exhibit with finesse, because you must be told that there are so many Free Spirits to enjoy. It is a comfortable visit, and one can visit each Free Spirit  as it captures attention. The design is what captures the fancy and the wonderful imagination of the artist Fred Thomas keeps the viewer moving slowly from one Free Spirit to the next. Most visitors stopped and concentrated on their favorite Free Spirits, because it is nearly impossible to choose only one of the collection. There is a Free Spirit in this exhibit for everyone, it just has to be found. 

The exhibit See the Spirit by Fred Thomas is open from February 12th through March 6, 2011 at the Children's Gallery of Homestead, Florida. For hours and information, please contact the gallery by telephone at 305-224-9386, website or by visiting 51 North Krome Avenue, Homestead, Florida, 33030.

This is a review of the exhibit See the Spirit by Fred Thomas. The opinions and views of this review belong to Angeline and solely express her opinions.

Angeline Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art

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