Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Keep Your Encaustic Painting Happy

How to Keep Your Encaustsic Painting Happy - and the Owner, too!

1. Encaustic paint has a curing time, just like oil paint. It can take a few months before the paint is truly dry.

2. Keep the painting in indirect sunlight to avoid any color fading over time.

3. Keep the painting between in temperatures between 35 and 120 degrees Farenheit. Trunks of cars, attics, basements, and above the fireplace may not be ideal places.

4. The wax may be right up to the edge of the panel, which means dropping, hitting, or abusing the painting may cause the paint to chip. Scratches may  be repairable…but why risk them?

5. The best frames are "float frames," or no frame at all if the painting already has a cradle. For more information about float frames, click here.

6. If your painting needs to be packed, cover the surface with a piece of parchment paper. The wax will not stick to it, which means minimal damage.

7. If the painting gets dirty, use a dry soft cloth (t-shirt, pantyhose, chamois) to gently rub the surface of the wax. This gently rubbing will also remove shallow scratches. Do this only when the wax is cool to the touch. If there are a lot of textures, a soft make up brush can remove dirt and dust.

Sources researched for this post:

Bianca with her New Beginnings cards, January, 2011.

Angeline Marie of 
Angeline Marie Fine Art
Facebook Page for Angeline Marie Fine Art


Jason L. Eldridge said...

For some reason I find this information very helpful. Maybe it is because we just got our first piece of real handmade art in the house. I am so excited. Oh, did I mention thanks Angeline for doing such a great job on my wife's Valentine’s Day gift. Amazing!

JJ said...

A-M: Interesting info. I hope you teach art. Your knowledge is vast and your explanations are clear.

Angeline-Marie said...

I will need your help...LOL...to put together a spoil package! Thank you - and *blush* you both are welcome!

Knowing where to get information is what is needed most... I used to teach algebra, and was darn good at it. Thankfully, don't do that any more!!!!

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