Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seven Facebook Pages

These are Facebook pages that I "liked" during 2010 and thoroughly enjoy. They are not in any particular order. These are the pages that when do post a Facebook update, I usually react with "WOW! What a great idea and resource!" Even if you are not an artist, just the stuff you learn makes these Facebook pages valuable.

 Kimberly Castleberry of "Just-Ask-Kim"
She knows how to WordPress, Facebook, and other "tech-geek-social-media" things that are beyond me and make them somewhat understandable. I cannot remember how I discovered her, but am so glad that I did!

The Crafted Webmaster
This one belongs to Nicole Tallmadge of the podcast 15 Craft Website Tips. She may not be podcasting as often, but Nicole keeps the information flow alive. Great resource for those who blog, make art or crafts, or run an internet business.

Stermer-Cox Studio
Margaret Stermer-Cox has posted a new daily drawing every day in 2010. She inspires me! Her art is fun, fresh, and varied and worth a look, not to mention the distraction!!!

Talon Dunning
Comic book, fantasy, and graphic art at its finest.

Fine Art Tips
Tips shared are for painting, blogging, art marketing, etc., this page is useful for those of us sharing a dream.

Art Biz Coach / Stanfield Art Associates
If you are an artist, like this page, NOW. Fantastic content always presented in a friendly and helpful tone. If you do ONE thing for yourself as an artist, get your almost daily dose! Guaranteed to make your dreams start coming true - but only if you take actions.

 Eldridge Studios
Photographer who shares with a patience to be admired. Stunning photos and how-to-use-a-camera make it a pleasure to see what is new.
Your turn! What do you think should be on my next Facebook list in April? Leave a comment and let me know!

Angeline Marie of 
Angeline Marie Fine Art

PS: Please understand that this is a list of Facebook pages only. If we are friends on Facebook, it is an honor and a privilege to belong to your friend list. Understanding Facebook rules such as friend list limits, I will not intentionally post your profile in this list. If you have a Facebook page, please let me know and I will like it immediately. After all, both sets of updates (profile and page) are usually different and fun! 
Andy, my handsome handy man, helping with a project, ©2009.

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