Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reasons for Nuclear Power, Not Oil or Coal

These photographs were taken in October, 2010 by photographer Mike Downs. Mike happened to be working at night and snapped a few photos while making his rounds. 

Upon first view of these photos, I requested copies and permission to post them to this blog. 

The first photo from left to right: two fossil fuel (oil) power plants, two skinny towers are exhaust for the fossil plants, with one containment dome for the nuclear power plant.

Mike Downs ©2010

Mike Downs ©2010
The second photo is of one of the fossil fuel plants seen in the first photo. 

These were taken at a site that has five power plants: three fossil fueled and two nuclear powered. It is striking to me how smokey and dirty the fossil side looks compared to the nuclear side. The fossil side is always burning and belching. Sometimes, the exhaust towers have billowing black smoke streaming out of them. The nuclear containment dome sits quietly beside them, without a burp. 

When seeing these photos, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (Deepwater Horizon) had just been plugged. There is such a drive for clean and green...but we need electricity and fuel, too. It is amazing how many controls are in place on the nuclear side of this plant to keep everyone safe...but how many pollutants are created by the burning fossil side because it is perceived as less hazardous.

What strikes you about these photos? How do you feel about the energy plants that exist today? Which of these, fossil or nuclear, do you think is better in the long run?

For more about Mike Downs...who specializes in animal and landscape photography, please visit is website and/or blog.

Angeline Marie of


JJ said...

We are so afraid of a quick death that we are slowly killing the entire planet!

Angeline-Marie said...

Yes, we are. Wish we could choose the lesser of evils for power sources.

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