Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sawgrass Mills Mall Art Gators

Passion for Fashion by artist Robert Tabor
South Beach Camo Gator by artists Jessica Clark, Dian Samuel, Vanessa Vejar, Bryan Houck, Alessandra Santors
Detail of My Place Too by Sal Sidner
Detail of My Place Too by Sal Sidner
Detail of My Place Too by Sal Sidner
Fiery Gator by artist Alejandro Cuadra
Gaudi Gator by artist Nadine Egan Floyd
Fun signs posted at the gator exhibit.
Detail of Relax, Rejoice, Renew...Florida! by artist Frances Kiperman
Relax, Rejoice, Renew...Florida! by artist Frances Kiperman
Cha-Cha Fiesta Gator by artists Marisol Cuevas, Christine Figueroa, Gonzalo Figueroa, Yaritza Hoyos, Nancy Cabrera
Walkway towards the mall shops
Other side of the ...Florida gator.
Detail of My Place Too by Sal Sidner
Walkway towards parking lot.
Other side of ...Florida
Andy and I enjoying our day at the Grand Luxe Cafe at Sawgrass Mills Mall.
Gina, Glam Gator of the Glades by artist Adriane Pirro

Vacation days are sparse this time of year, because both Andy and I are working strange hours for our day jobs. We took advantage of a single day by being lazy around the house and then taking a drive to Sawgrass Mills Mall. It being a vacation day, my camera went with us. Yes, it is a mall...but I knew there would be some very cool gators!

After lunch, we wandered around the Gator Garden. My favorite is the Florida one, with the mosquito on its snout. Being attractive to mosquitoes, I feel the gator's pain. Andy's favorite was My Place Too, if I remember through the vacation day buzz of a lunch expresso mocha martini.

Vacation days are meant for fun. After snapping the photos, off we went for some much needed shopping and us time. We spied no more gators inside the mall.

When was the last time you took a true vacation day? What did you do during that day?

For more about the project, please visit the Life Is Art website by clicking on this sentence. 

For more about the Sawgrass Mills Mall, please click on this sentence.

All designs are copyright of the individual artists. 

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Angeline Marie Fine Art
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JJ said...

Someone we know and love is a child at heart.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

Glad to see that you guys got some time together. The gators are well.... interesting.

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