Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shells Abstracts Paintings

Until Andy hung up these forgotten paintings from 2006-2007, these shell abstracts had never displayed together. Andy came home one day and declared that these were the perfect cure for white walls. This is the time to mention his innate talent for curating art, too.

These paintings were based on a seashell found on the beaches of St. Lucie, Florida. The crusty, old, worn, gray seashell inspired the colors and swirls. The seashell traveled with me to Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Coconut Grove, Florida where artists used to paint. Most of the seashells here (and a couple still hidden) were started in the now closed restaurant.

When the series was pulled down to take to a potential new home, Andy was extremely disappointed. I miss them, too. Guess there will be more from this seashell...the whirls, the curves....

What is something you carry around for inspiration?

The entire series ©2006-2007 by Angeline Marie, mixed media on canvas, size 16 x 20 inches.

Angeline Marie of 
Angeline Marie Fine Art
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Cindy Michaud said...

they look great on your wall, don't hide them! and I carry a stone....

JJ said...

A-M: Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Coconut Grove? You are having entirely too much fun. Artists are meant to struggle and go deaf and be abused by Popes! Anyway, those shells are magnificent - and cudos to Andy!

Angeline-Marie said...

Thanks! What makes your stone special?

JJ: The Tango is now gone...Hey - we don't have to be deaf, struggle is a given, and abuse is not taken. LOL I will pass the message on to Andy. =)

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