Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work in Progress - Beach Triptych

Sky painted in, base colors ready.

The Triptych can hang together or separately. Yes, those are my feet.

BIG color changes! Painting in sunset.

I actually painted these on the floor, with canvas upside down as my point of view. For some reason, this seemed easier to me.

Trying to puzzle out where the sun should be placed.

The simplest canvas for sunset.

Alright - that is where the sun should go!

Fuzzy phone photo with palette and canvases.

Almost done with the sky....

Now, to work on those palm trees!!!

Should the palm trees be darker or lighter? 

Wondering why the middle canvas is missing? It is the one of three without palm trees.

Feels good knowing that the mess along the floor is gone for now...but that is another blog post.

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Jason L. Eldridge said...

This is beautiful work and I just love the idea that it is a huge single scene or three seperate paintings. Just wonderful! Personally, I would have to have all three.

Angeline-Marie said...

LOL But you could have just one. LOL

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