Thursday, April 7, 2011

Torch for Encaustics - Video

For someone afraid of fire, sure need heat to create art! This is a demonstration of what a creme brulee torch does for encaustics.

If you cannot see the video here, go to my video page by clicking on this link.

You are invited on May 7th at Dharma Studio during Coconut Grove's Second Saturday Art Walk. My art and that of Jason Eldridge will be on display this evening from 7pm to 11pm. The art and event is friends and family friendly! See you there! 

Angeline Marie of 
Angeline Marie Fine Art
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Cindy Michaud said...

Cute! Did you film and act both!? or have an assistant? Love the substitition gizmo.

Angeline-Marie said...

The camera is on a tripod, and after lots of raw video, I edit on Apple iMovie. LOL
Thanks for asking!

JJ said...

A-M: That is absolutely amazing. They have a cigar shop in Homestead?

Just kidding. Very interesting, and when I get down there, I will definitely stop at Havana Joe's Place!

Angeline-Marie said...

Yes, there is a cigar shop in Homestead, Florida. Slowly, very slowly, this town is growing. LOL To me it will finally be a city when it gets a chain bookstore...but that is another theory....

I'll go with you. =)

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