Monday, April 11, 2011

Wolves Red Sky - Hot Off the Easel

Wolves Red Sky

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This painting began like most, as an accident. Art accidents are the best adventures when painting, to me, any way. The ink swirled, blended, blotted into the patterns you see through the wax paint. The forms of the wolves, the rocks on which they sit, and some of the background were helped into shape with watercolor pencils. The pencil marks looked so interesting, that the lines never felt water. Most of the lines stayed clear, even after applying the encaustic medium.

Why did I use encaustic medium instead of acrylic gloss gel? Both types of paint would have preserved the Red Sky Wolves…but with encaustics, ah! With the encaustic medium, YOU get to shine up the paint when it loses the gloss. The medium makes the design a little more three dimensional, gives it a little more atmosphere. The acrylic gloss gel would work, but the encaustic medium gives it a little more of an organic art accident feel.

You are invited on May 7th at Dharma Studio during Coconut Grove's Second Saturday Art Walk. My art and that of Jason Eldridge will be on display this evening from 7pm to 11pm. For more information, click on this sentence. The art and event is friends and family friendly! See you there! 

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JJ said...

One of my favorite animals. Brings back memories. Nice work!

learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Jason L. Eldridge said...

Love the encaustics! Wolves are some of my favorites too. This brings back the memories of backwoods camping in TN and hearing them howl in the night. Very creepy and very cool at the same time.

Angeline-Marie said...

Daniel: Thanks!
JJ: I remember. =)
Jason: I just love animals...and sometimes they show up in a painting. =)

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