Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays in France: All By Myself - Not at First

When deciding to spend three weeks in Paris, France, Andy is all for me doing it and Mama threw the caution into my sails. ¡NiƱa! ¿Como tu vas sola sin clase a Paris? ¿No habra un tour o art workshop o studio que puedas entrar? 

Mama, it's like this:
Well, see, most studios and classes are in French while I know Spanish and English.
The classes I did find are for college students and last an entire 15 week semester. This is for three weeks.
The only structure I want is my whim and the hours that the museums are open and the metro's trains run. Classes have structure. Tours have structure.
My list is being created of what and where I want to see…with the "deadline" of three weeks to do all of the list. 

Well, you might ask, why am I choosing to join Cynthia Morris' Curious Excursion? Does it not defy your reasons explained to your Mama?

Mama is MUCH happier that her hija is on a tour for the first week. See, now the trip is four weeks. Three weeks to explore, revisit, and stretch the places visited in the first week while on the Curious Excursion

What got my attention is that the entire Curious Excursion is tailored for artists and creatives like me. It is too easy to see the expected tourist places in Paris, France. Lucky me, done the bus tour around Paris twice in my life…and don't really want to hand over my days to a tourist group on a bus. Artistically, this trip is to refresh and challenge myself. The Curious Excursion is going to help with that and give me that confidence to explore during the remainder of my Parisian life. 

The Curious Excursion is designed for participants to experience Paris, France as artists and creatives. The tour is by foot and by metro, in restaurants, museums, and shops. There is time built in for making friends and creating art. Part of the excursion is to fill a sketchbook with drawings, articles, paper, photos, and writing. There are things that are unique to Paris that only the locals enjoy and few tourists discover. When I fall in love with a place or find one that needs further exploration, revisiting will be allowed during the three weeks after Curious Excursion

The challenge for me on this trip? Sending YOU Paris. How? By drawing and painting things in Paris, France and send them to you on postcards. Paint, draw, write from Paris here in this blog and through the French post office. More information in upcoming Fridays in France posts. Next Friday, Versailles with Puns Intended.

Recent sketchbook page ©2011 Angeline Marie

Smiles,  Angeline Marie of 
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Cindy Michaud said...

Sounds like you will eek every possible bit of pleasure and enlightenment possible from this voyage! Enjoy the journey of planning...when is the departure date?

JJ said...

A-M: I wrote a nice message to Mama, but I inadvertently deleted it. In any event, the gist of it was a little tease on the tour. I'm sure you'll have a great time. As I told Mama, I have three daughters, so I understand completely. However, you know you will LOVE the two weeks on your own. That IS Paris!

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I do envy you just a bit. While Paris may not be my first choice I would certainly welcome 3 weeks in the photographic location of my choosing. Three weeks to make the best images that I can without too much worry on the time frame. Three weeks to enjoy my photography and the nature that would surround me.

I might just have to put something like that together for next year.

Personally, I can't wait to see what you paint and the blogs you will post!

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