Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take Your Favorite Mom Out for Art in Coconut Grove, FL

This Saturday, May 7th, my art exhibit Florida Heat will be on display at Dharma Studio!!! You are invited, and if like me driving a little distance, make Coconut Grove your evening's plans!

Coconut Grove is a small town in Miami-Dade County that holds a monthly art stroll on the second Saturdays of the month. Coconut Grove is a wonderful place for an art stroll, due to its many restaurants, art galleries, bars, and night life. It is a casual place, easily walked if you can tear yourself away from an exhibit or shop. The restaurants range in tastes and prices, from American to Peruvian. There is something for everyone here, and it being Mothers' Day Weekend, it is a perfect night to take the family out for an adventure.

Some of the restaurants with their links:
- Jaguar (try their ceviche!)
- Johnny Rockets (used to spend a lot of time drinking chocolate milkshakes there, back in my day!)
- Mr. Moe's
- The Sandbar
- CocoWok (this is a play on CocoWalk, the central shopping & entertainment plaza in Coconut Grove)
- Al Fresco

The art stroll is organized by Coconut Grove Business Improvement District. For more about the Art Stroll, the blog Coconut Grove Grapevine is a great resource. There are many more dining choices listed in the link to the District. These are just a few places I have enjoyed over the years...and some I wish to taste. 

Hope to see you there!!!! I will be at Dharma Studio with Jason Eldridge from 7pm to 10pm...after eating at one of the wonderful establishments! 

Angeline Marie of  
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Florida Heat by Angeline Marie
Impressionistic landscape paintings by Angeline Marie entitled Florida Heat will be shown during the Coconut Grove Art Stroll. The exhibition will be open for the evening of Saturday, May 7th, for one night. The public is encouraged to view these beautiful works at Dharma Studio.
The art exhibit Florida Heat by Angeline-Marie will feature encaustic and mixed media paintings showcasing her non-traditional interpretations and perceptions of Florida, the tropics and the ocean. The textures, colors and moods of Angeline-Marie’s paintings guide the viewer into a different way of thinking about Florida.
For further information about Dharma Studio, call 305.461.1777, email at loree@dharmastudio.com, or on the web at www.dharmastudio.com.

For further info about Angeline Marie, e-mail at angeline@angelinemarie.net or on the web at www.angelinemarie.net

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