Friday, June 3, 2011

Fridays In France: 9 Art Supplies on a Shrink-n-Grow List

As Paris, France gets closer in time (13 weeks at the time of this posting)...the packing list shrinks and grows. Should I take acrylic paint? Canvas? Large sheets of paper? What will I really use? At the end of the list is even a worse case scenario (thanks, Cynthia of Curious Excursion).

The list that stays constant are listed here. The ones with * are the same I used when limited to one motorcycle case for ten days. Andy and I had a LOT of fun on that adventure!!!

1. Tombow Markers
Juicy color, easily to transport, two tips: brush and marker.

Sample of how Tombow dual markers work
in my sketchbook. ©2011 Angeline Marie

2. Watercolor set*
Markers dry quickly in wind. Watercolor paint will help with color saturation.

3. 4B Pencils*
The most versatile pencil for all types of lines and values.

4. Sketchbooks*
Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse is providing a type of sketchbook that is new to me. The  Curious Excusion only lasts a week. I will be taking my favorite sizes: 8x11, 3x5 and 8x5 inches.

5. India Ink*
Feels like watery paint and gives a gorgeous range of values, from almost white to super deep black. Helps me "push values."

6. Brushes*
Very small brushes are going with me to Paris, France. Most art work will be under 11 x 14 inches.

7. Postcards
To send Paris, France to you!

8. Spray Bottles
Found these for a couple of dollars at a beauty supply store! The Tombow markers are water-based and spraying water on paint creates interesting effects.

9. Binder Clips, 3 inch.
Amazing how versatile these binder clips can be for holding, clamping, hanging, etc.

What still has me "iffy"
acrylic paint tubes, basic set of colors
prepped canvas, unstretched
desktop easel
large sheets of paper

Worse Case Scenario
Buy art supplies in Paris, France.
Ship things home.
Extra checked bag fee or bag weight fee.

What is an art or creative item that YOU must take on a trip? What art or creative tool are you guaranteed to use?

Save the date! You are invited to share more art on Saturday, August 20th, at the Children's Gallery and Art Center!

Remember, too, to explore Paris, France with me during my Fridays in France posts which began Friday, May 6th.

Angeline Marie of


CailinMarie said...

PARIS!!! Oh you lucky duck! I did get to go - gosh, 20 yrs ago? Really that long? I hope you have a fabulous trip. I say bring everything you can fit - who knows what you'll decide to play with while you are there ;-) Of course you can buy more but oh, such dear prices there.
Your poppy (or is it a tulip?) is fantastic.

Angeline-Marie said...

It was an open tulip. Thanks!
Last I was in Paris...was almost 20 years ago, too!!!!! 1992!

Prices are dear...and so are the baggage fees. LOL We'll see!

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