Monday, August 1, 2011

Homestead, Florida City, Extreme South Miami-Dade Has LOTS to Do and See

Comments often heard include What do you do in Homestead? There is nothing there! and I don't want to drive to Homestead. I only work there and last but not least Homestead is a short stop on the way to Key West. There is nothing there but chain restaurants and gas stations. 

After living in Homestead for two years, there are LOTS of things to do south of Miami Zoo. Here are some ideas! 

To learn more about any of these places, please click on the place names. 

Fruit and Spice Park shares local fruit, history, and teas. 

Go wild for orchids at R.F. Orchids

Enjoy local fruit wines at Schnebly Redland's Winery in their garden areas. 

Visit the Everglades and photo shoot egrets, gators, and the river of grass at the Tropical Everglades Visitor Association. Local photographer Jason Eldridge gets inspired here. 

For one of the best fruit milkshakes in this world, visit Robert Is Here.

See alligator and snake shows at the Alligator Farm

The Everglades Outpost rescues abandoned and abused exotic animals of all kinds, including lions, tigers, and bears. This is where local photographer Mike Downs captures animal characters here. 

See alligator and snake shows at the Alligator Farm

Get a steal of a deal on antiques at Jacobsen's Antique Mall.

Visit the Children's Gallery and Art Center for an adult and child styled art experience.
Andy, Morgan, and Brad at the entrance of the park, ©2009.

Guide, Brenda, and Charlie with a snake at the Alligator Farm.

Angeline's caveats on this tour she created:
Recommendation: wear bug spray and sunblock, and have water. Casual clothing style is allowed at all stops. This tour I created will take you from overheating to cooling off stops. Most stops have a free experience, but allow $100 per adult for the day. Not all stops can be incorporated in one day. Please check each link for the hours they are open to the public. Food recommendations will be created in a different blog post. This tour ends with a visit at the Children's Gallery and Art Center, where you can cool off and get an art experience! 

Save the date! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit opening Once Drove Through Florida on Saturday, August 20th, at the Children's Gallery and Art Center that runs through September 13th, 2011. 
Remember, too, to explore Paris, France with me during my Fridays in France posts which began Friday, May 6th. Interested in original art from Paris? Check out my Send Paris to You Project!

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