Thursday, November 17, 2011

New, New, New and Learning, Learning, Learning!

It is a crazy life lately.

Paris. New occupational bondage (unrelated to art). Packing up a home. Moving into new, permanent home. Boxes every where. Boxes every where since 9/24/11.

Special thanks to Angie and her family for the art supplies. Ms. Leon - I can hear you from heaven, laughing that you got your way.

The mess in my new space is due to just throwing things into boxes when leaving the our other home.  The rhythm in this art space is trash, trash, donation, pick storage space, trash, trash, donation, donation, pick storage space....

As for creating new art, most drawings and paintings are in sketchbooks. I cling to making new drawings daily since Paris, France. That means there are over 60 sketches....

Comfy chair to think.

Boxes, boxes, boxes...stuff, stuff, stuff.
New furniture...more sorting....
What changes are happening in your life? What is the rhythm of your favorite space?

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