Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sketch and Red Wallace Fountains in Paris France

ParisDailyPhoto: Red Wallace Fountain: 'via Blog this'

I could NOT resist re-posting this photo link! Please jump over to her page.

While in Paris, France, these fountains are installed on many a street corner. They are usually a dark green leaf color. There is a steady stream of water flowing in the middle of the women. As these fountains were found, my water bottle and water pen were filled.

Sweet, clear, great tasting water available for free. What a great idea! Thanks to Eric Tenin, now I know the name of these fountains!

Here is a photo of my own, of a Wallace Fountain in the typical green.
Wallace Fountain, photo ©Angeline Marie

Here is a sketch from my trip, just to share part of what I miss of Paris. The pain is eased by our new home that feels very much like a tropical Paris.

A View from Paris Apt Patio ©Angeline Marie

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

It pains me not to be traveling. I had better get on the road soon.

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