Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art - Tis the Season for Thinking of Others

There are plenty of reasons why to think of local artists when choosing gifts for friends and family. Affordability, lower shipping fees, meeting the artists, and supporting our community are all great reasons to buy art in your town, city, or country.

In South Florida, there are the artists Rosie Brown, Paul St. Laurent, Jason Eldridge, and Dafne. You can learn about these artists in two of my previous blog posts:

How to Spend Dollars for Original Art and

About SeaStar Glass

Also consider buying from a local art gallery, like The Children's Gallery and Art Center. Natalie and Carlos can put you in contact with art by local artists as well as by the children who attend their programs.

Yellow, Green, Blue Plate, ©SeaStarGlass by Dafne

Of course, my art is available for purchase, too. If you would like a painting designed just for you, we can work together to create a special work of art. We can work with any budget, small to large. You can even get a few prints of my art work off Zazzle. If there is something you love on my website, please inquire by email.

Angeline Marie of

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