Thursday, December 8, 2011

Give Me a 4B Pencil and a Blank Page Book

My studio for the last couple of months consists of a 4B pencil and a sketchbook.

Kathy asked that since I get to work in a new art studio, if more art will be shared on Facebook, etc. working on a few pieces now. Never stopped creating art over the last months.

These are some whimsical, silly sketches from October and November. They might not be considered "high brow art," or even good. They give ideas for future pieces of art. They record what may have happened during a day or two in my life. Some have haikus (thanks, Cynthia), some have random words heard. Create art every day is my mantra since returning from Paris, without self-judgements.

One thing I truly miss is adding color. Lucky me, at least I have time to make the lines!!! Yay!

What do you think of these silly sketches? What is your mantra to do every day?

Angeline Marie of

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