Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sea Star Glass - Fused Glass Art

For a while now, I have bought jewelry from a local glass artist named Dafne. Most people who know me know I'm not big on jewelry, other than rings. She changes my mind. Dafne's stuff is not only artistic, but beautiful, functional, and wearable.

I have a pendant on a simple silver chain. It has waves of blue, black, and silver. I love that piece. It has little bits of gold, red, yellow, and green. The abstract design looks like a sail boat on the ocean at sunset or sunrise.

Most of Dafne's designs are accidental because of the glass fusing process, so that even if the design is planned, the element of surprise exists. However, of all the glass fusing artists I have seen making jewelry and other items, Dafne's planned accidents are the best. She has the most color, the most pleasing compositions in her glass. I cannot help but look when I see fused glass, and each time I walk away wishing that artist was a good as Dafne.

Check out Dafne's website at and drop her a contact.

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