Friday, February 10, 2012

Take Over the Kitchen Table

When all else fails, the kitchen table works like a charm for making mixed media paintings.

The flowers were a gift from Terry at A Flower for Everyone in Homestead, Florida. He insisted I take them as a sample. I chucked my list of honey-does for an hour to just savor them.

These were the result of my brief kitchen take over. They are hanging in my work space right now. If you would like them to hang in your space, please let me know.

They are all mixed media, 7x5 inches on paper. Pencil, watercolor, glue, and a few flower petals were used in each creation.

If you would like one just in time for Valentine's Day, each is $17 which includes shipping and handling. 
Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

Hello my friend. I am sorry I have not been around for a little while. I have once again embarked on a new venture. I will write about it in the future. What a crazy life. In any event, I just wanted to say hello. I am still alive and well, living in St. Augustine.

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