Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Visit An Art Studio

One plan to push my creativity and inspiration is to invite friends over for tea and open studio a la Marcus McAllister.

Marcus' philosophy is to invite everyone over to his home studio on Sunday afternoons for tea and cookies. If someone visits, he is happy. If no one visits, he is still in his favorite space creating art. What a wonderful idea!

Which brings me to Cate Prato's blog article How to Visit An Art Studio at Cloth Paper Scissors. Cate does an excellent job describing 10 things to expect when artists open their studio to everyone. 

For a few articles written about art exhibits in general, try one of my last posts:

7 Things to Expect at an Art Exhibit

How to Thoughtfully Question an Artist

The idea of having an open studio event in my own art studio appeals to me. First things first, though: getting back into my studio to MAKE ART. Been a while...but stay tuned as I "leave" my sketchbooks and "return" to canvas and other art projects. 
Sketches for my series. From 8x5 inch sketchbook page.
©2012 Angeline Marie
PS: If you are in Paris, France, and want to spend time in Marcus' studio, please contact him via his website Marcus McAllister.

Angeline Marie of
artist living in Miami-Dade, Florida
New exhibit will be November and December at the Homestead Chamber of Commerce!


JJ said...
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JJ said...

A-M: The website and all the info looks great. Good to hear from you. Hope to drop by one of these weeks.

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