Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paintings - You See Forest, I See Trees

Paintings, Poems: You See Forest, I See Trees 
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Some folks like abstract art. Some folks only like realistic art.

The article shared is about the science of why we like and how many see art.

Those that enjoy abstract art can see the forest (big picture). Those that do not are usually looking for the trees (realistic elements they find familiar). There are those who see both forest and trees and are comfortable with switching perspectives.

Here are two examples, using some of my new art. Which of the two paintings do you prefer? Is the painting you prefer more abstract or more real? Why do you like both paintings, if you like both?

Purple vs Orange, 8x8 inches on canvas board, mixed media,
©2012 Angeline-Marie

Palm Tree Farm 1, 8x10 inches on canvas, mixed media,
©2012 Angeline Marie

Save the date! Exhibiting November and December at the Homestead Chamber of Commerce, Florida!!! More details, soon!

Angeline Marie of

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