Sunday, August 12, 2012

Voices in My Head

My main studio for about a year was my sketchbook. My sketchbook retains its tight hold on my heart because it holds ideas, writing, quick drawings, experiences, collaged items, new techniques tested, etc. Now that I have an art studio space, painting is my craving.

Fear. Unrelenting fear. Scripts in my head:
Did I forget how to paint? How do I use paint? Oh, I just tried using that encaustic technique and EW-YUCK-BLAH! I hate what I created. I used to know how to do that but I've forgotten! I'm running back to my nice, safe sketchbook where it doesn't matter if I forgot....

Yeah, those voices in my head. The desire to return to my studio is stronger that my fear.

Those voices in my head? Altered. New scripts:
What design element will be the focus of this piece? It is OK to work small, especially with limited studio time. What will be the composition of this piece? What colors should I choose? Should I add texture? Oh, wait, I enjoyed adding lines which is unusual for me, so where can I push lines in this piece, if I so choose? Ok, my encaustics are gathering dust - for now they ok gathering dust. Here is the cadium red, and my brushes. This worked last time, how about this time. Red goes here.....

I love the new voices in my head.

Now when I get into my studio, I have a plan. Jotted into my sketchbook is a quick draw of a composition, color notes & choices, ideas of direction if something changes. The Fear is gone.

I still work on multiple paintings at a time, and that is ok.

When I leave my studio, I jot about three categories: what worked, what didn't work, what to do next studio time. These help plan my next studio time so when I have an unexpected delightful half hour I don't "flounder."

Will I take another course with Lisa? Oh, yeah. She's working on a follow up Working in Series Part 2. For now, I am going to try to continue the new voices in my head, at least until  2013.

Thank you, Ms. Lisa Call. Thank you for the new voices in my head.

Sketchbook pages with writing about
assignment from Working in a Series.
Unbelievable how much this helps!

Result of an assignment, second generation of the assignment.
There were five assignments. I was able to do a few more than
the expected one, thanks to Lisa's "catch up" weeks.
Untitled Palm Tree Farm, mixed media on canvas, 8x10 in.
©2012 Angeline-Marie

Save the dates! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit at the Homestead Chamber of Commerce, November and December, 2012. More details coming soon. 

Angeline Marie of
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The first brand of sketchbooks I ever used. Decent paper, best for dry media such as pens, pencils, and charcoal. Use watercolor paint and water sparingly because paint buckles when damp. Brand does recommend dry media, LOL. 

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