Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting Accidents Happen Haiku

Palm Trees Misty Rain on Cliff
acrylics on canvas, 7x5 inches
©2012 Angeline-Marie 
Canvas as palette
create monochromatic
oops more palm trees!

One of my recent design decisions is to limit the number of colors in painting. White and black are allowed, with perhaps up to three colors. 

My favorite color is blue. 

I hate white canvases. The white on most of my canvas is obliterated by double use. First use is as a palette. The palette becomes a great surface and/or background for a later painting. 

This time, the palette became the painting. Quite the happy accident. 

What was your last happy accident?

$25 includes shipping and handling to USA's Lower 48 States.

Save the dates! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit at the Homestead Chamber of Commerce, November and December, 2012. More details coming soon. 

Angeline Marie of
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 I have a few paper palette pads in my art studio. Last time I purchased a pad was a few years ago. I just prefer to use either the canvas to cover the white or use up leftover paint in my sketchbook, etc. at the end of most studio sessions. If you want easy clean up and still want a formal palette, the paper works wonderfully.

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JJ said...

Some accident. That's gorgeous. If you get a chance, e-mail me about your plans. Love to meet up with you and Andy.

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