Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lines, Reds, and Yellow Palm Trees

Something unusual is to play with lines.

I made some stencils based on the outline of one palm tree. There are a total of three stencils, each more abstract and larger than the other. The stencils were made to force me to concentrate on using lines.

Using lines was challenging. How many different lines can I make using these stencils? What color, or colors, do I use? How do I empathize horizon lines using these stencils?

Line Design Palm Trees in Red-Yellow, mixed media on paper,
8x8 inches, ©2012 Angeline Marie
Using the stencils, I set up two pieces of American Masters paper, 8x8 inches in size, on my easel's drawing board. Making random traces of the stencil, both paintings were completed as you see here.

This composition is loosely based on the many palm tree farms near my home. ( Insert reference)

It was a lot of fun making these paintings. The stencils earned a place in my studio. I quite enjoy how these paintings finished.

How many different lines do you see in each paintings? Do you think I was successful in this palm trees line designs? Why or why not?

Line Design Palm Trees in Red-Yellow 2, mixed media on paper,
8x8 inches, ©2012 Angeline Marie

Save the dates! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit at the Homestead Chamber of Commerce, November and December, 2012. More details coming soon. 

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

I'll try to get down there in November. Sorry I missed you on your way back from TN. Next time.

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