Monday, September 3, 2012

Working Out Palm Trees

Were you expecting palm trees using a gym?

Actually, this is a new way of using my sketchbook. I work out new paintings with notes and sketches. I give myself directions for how I want to create my next painting.

This page holds more than one future painting.

Nadine asked me if I had to follow my self written "directions" to the letter. Paintings take a life of their own and tell you what direction to take. Sometimes I will follow my directions and other times I will go with the painting flow. The directions are a guide for those precious 15-30 minutes in my studio. I enter my studio knowing exactly what I want to do.

Next challenge is to remember which sketchbook holds the directions. I think those office flags will help!

Where do you keep ideas you want to employ in the future?

These can save sanity in the studio. I flag the pages in my sketchbook that hold my painting directions. They are easily removed when I am done with that page. I used to use paper clips...but they would rip the pages. 

1 comment:

JJ said...

It looks like Sanskrit.

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