Monday, January 7, 2013

Fix A Painting

When you know something is not quite right, how do you figure out what to adjust?

I take a photo with my phone and review the photo outside of my studio.

Here is one painting with before and after adjustments. 

Do you see the differences? What are they? Would you have done the same adjustments to the painting?

This painting is still not finished. After seeing these photos, I see more adjustments to make before I like it enough to declare it finished. Can you guess what parts of the painting will change next? Maybe we see something different to change? Please comment on my blog of any improvements you would consider making if this were your painting. 

First "draft" of painting.

After minor adjustments.More improvements pending! 

Angeline Marie of

Brushes like these are great for larger paintings. Since the painting featured in this blog post is 8 by 8 inches, the larger brush (4 inch) was only used in painting in the background color. Bueno, bonito, y barato brushes (good, pretty, and cheap) go a long way on my larger paintings and backgrounds! 

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