Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birds on a Wire Mixed Media

Working on a palm tree series of paintings can be very challenging. How do I make a painting that showcases my theme but still remains interesting? Where do I get my inspiration? 

The first photo is of my sketchbook page that has the notes for Birds on a Wire. I happened to be chatting with my friend Barry who was gearing up to move to Minnesota (brrrrr) and spied his tissue box. Thankfully, Barry understands us distracted artists, and graciously continued chatting as I whipped out my sketchbook, took a photocopy, and wrote up some notes. Who knew that a painting would come out of that conversation!

The design is simple and layered. How can I incorporate the design idea, but still make it my own? Below is Birds on a Wire that still includes palm trees. 

When you enlarge Birds on a Wire and look carefully, you will see a recycled road map and graph paper in its background. The month of April includes Road Map Day and Earth Day and is National Math Education if you are thinking this may be next month's calendar page, you may be correct. To confirm your suspicions, how about signing up for my email newsletter

Sketchbook page outline idea for Birds on a Wire,
with photocopy of tissue box (original was green).

 Birds on a Wire ©2013 
mixed media on canvas, 14x11 inches

Where do you get your inspiration? What was a moment of inspiration that caught you off guard but you used later? 

If you like Birds on a Wire, please share this blog /email.
If you really, really like it, it is available as a card.
If you love Birds on a Wire, it is available for sale for $200.

You are invited to share more art at my exhibit of my palm tree series Absence of Green at Chefs on the Run Restaurant in Homestead, Florida. You just may catch my husband and I dining there, as it is one of our favorite restaurants! 

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

I noticed that you didn't do badly with inspiration from Paris either!

Rosie Brown said...

I am inspired by everything around me, the sky, plants, etc. I am really enjoying what you are doing with palms lately.


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