Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He Has Fallen Day 22 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

He Has Fallen, 4x6 inches without border,
mixed media on paper, $28
2014 Angeline Marie
Yay for making a shelf in my art studio into a Parisian style store front! It has helped greatly with this round of 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge! I glance up and am inspired by the way the random objects are arranged. 

The feminine style face in the background was inspired by a Grecian style head I bought at Salvation Army. Husband Andy and I went to buy a few pieces of furniture for our home and they had a Grecian style bust on a table. The gentlemen who was helping us bumped the table...and he and I began talking about how long the statue had been in the shop, how many moves it had to date, how many bumps to every surface it sat to date....The bust finally fell while he was moving our purchase. Within minutes, I rescued the intact head, took it to the store manager and asked "how much?!" One of the best purchases on my shelf!

The mannequin is from a garage sale. The dragonfly is a reminder from a trip to South Africa. The latter is way far away from the figures on the shelf. The shelf is nicely far away from Simon Cat, too!

In case you are wondering, yes, you may consider He Has Fallen as a Valentine's Day design.  

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Joan of LLD and ART is A Rhapsody Treasure said...

This is SO cool. And I love the story behind it! Great Work. Enjoy Day #23.

Angeline-Marie Martinez said...

Thank you, Joan! The stories are the hardest part for me.

I hopped over to you blog. Love the VanGogh Vase Face. The eyes are my favorite, quickly followed by the sunflowers.

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