Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3rd Van Gogh Palm Tree in Progress Painting

Modeling paste fun...has to dry at least overnight before color.

Adding some colors...canvas panel is actually 14 x 11 inches,
my hand looks so much larger, lol. 

As it pauses to dry, this still has work left to finish it. 

Ah, the feel of textures under my paint brush! 

Last year saw the first of a palm tree painting that I call Channeling Van Gogh for his birth month of March. This is the third painting, with palm trees, that are becoming part of mini-series of Van Gogh style paintings. The feel of thick paint and rich colors like he used are so appealing! 

Hope you like this one as it is in progress. 

If you would like to see more paintings in person, please visit one of my favorite restaurants, Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine. 

Coming to the Homestead Community Center, my exhibit of Absence of Green will begin on May 1st, 2014. Hope to see you there! 

If you would like to see more paintings online, please visit my website


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