Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Abstracted Palm Tree with Flower Original Acrylic Painting

Abstracted Palm Tree with Flower, 3 x 3 inches, acrylics on canvas, 2015, $35

Did you know palm trees have flowers? 

This little abstract is based on the palm tree that has the little white flowers hanging on it. Forgive me, but I haven't had a chance to learn about all the varieties of palm trees. This type of palm tree is one of my favorites...and I have tons of photos of this type of palm tree, lol.

TWO days left of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!!!! YAY!!!!

Angeline Marie


Rolina said...

This is gorgeous!

JJ said...

These are my colors. They always catch my attention. However, if this makes sense to you, I actually see art differently. I must have some weird type of vision, but certain images I see plain as day, and others not at all. I see the palm in this panting.

Let me explain by example. During the Batman craze in the '90s, I was forced to go shopping with my wife and daughter. Naturally, I disappeared. I wandered into an aisle where they sold movies (VCRs at the time). When my wife tracked me down, I was holding the Batman video. When she approached me, I showed her the case and I said something to the effect that the marketing was terrible. She didn't understand. I kept telling her they put teeth on the video cover. I insisted the advertisers had erred because teeth symbolized Dracula.

After a minute or so, my wife and daughter looked at me strangely and told me I was not looking at teeth at all, but the symbol of a bat. I never saw a bat, but only the white background, which appeared to me to be teeth.

Sorry for the ramble, and don't think I'm too weird, but that is how I see things. It is also why I enjoy abstract art. I tend to get it!

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