Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jester Palm Tree Mixed Media Painting

Jester Palm Tree, 8x8 inches, mixed media on canvasboard, 2015, $100
This is another painting finished over the weekend. Jester Palm Tree... do you see the palm tree? 

I have to get back into my art studio quickly!!! I'm excited by a few ideas singing at me to get placed onto canvas and thankfully have those ideas captured in my sketchbook. Only thing left before painting is to look up a color combination, lol. So many color choices! So many paintings I can make! LOL

We are half way through the month...and so far I've had a new to you painting every single day this month. I need to get back into my studio quickly, LOL.

Did you set yourself a challenge this new month of 2015? What is it? How are you doing? 

Angeline Marie of

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