Friday, January 16, 2015

Dragon Over Italy

The BORING "Italian" scene I painted in 2005 that had a few lessons learned BUT
I totally HATED. It's been in my studio for 10 years...enough time to confirm I hated it. LOL
Dragon Over Italy, 16 x 20 inches, mixed media on canvas, 2015, $500

Recently, Andy received some sad news from his hometown in the cold white north. I bring this up because I try to live with few regrets...and try to LIVE. We, Andy & I, prefer to be out and about and DOING things than sitting at home watching too much TV and whining that "there is nothing to do." 

The top painting is one I "regretted" making just because it is so gosh darn BORING. I decided it needed a redo. A collage dragon, a Polaroid photo that doesn't work because it is so old (that is a story for another blog post, lol), and some playful stencil work on deli paper made this so much better to me. I like it. 

Dragon Over Italy is a title of puns. The dragon is "taking over Italy," and is "over" Italy as being the main idea in this painting. My friend Karla had a small part in making this dragon come alive (thanks, Karla!).

Go out and live. Regret something? Do something to "nullify" it. Make a bucket list. Go do those things. My bucket list includes getting through this month. LOL Day 16 of 30 DONE!
Ok...back into my studio! Yikes! I need more to show you! LOL

Angeline Marie

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