Saturday, January 17, 2015

Silver Palm Trees Over Sunset

palm tree art painting
Silver Palm Sunset, 11 x 14 inches, mixed media on
canvas, 2015, $300

Silver Palm Sunset began as a regret. It was a big yellow ball of a sun interrupted only by a weird looking silhouette of some kind of bird all "pasted" onto a semi-interesting background of color dominated by a burgundy red crimson. 

Yes, I HATED it. LOL 

Until I decided that I truly did dislike it and it was time to destroy it. The original description of the painting (ball of sun, etc.) applied since perhaps 2004? I don't remember! Destruction occurred last year with smears of leftover paint onto it. I didn't care what colors were smeared on it. 

One of my sketches is of a palm tree line at the beach. It's based on a photo my friend (almost like little sister) Daimisy sent me. Silver Palm Sunset is based on my sketch of her photo. 

I quite like the mysterious shapes and the now not so obvious ball of sun. LOL

Have you changed a regret yet? What was it? How did you do it? Make your bucket list yet? Do anything on it yet? 

Angeline Marie

1 comment:

Rolina said...

Oh yes, my post from yesterday was about a painting that went wrong and how many attempts were needed before it was OK again. Worth the effort, I feel!

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