Friday, March 20, 2015

Studio Tip Try Out - Fixing Brushes Part 1 of 2

My favorite podcast (internet radio show) since Leslie Saeta began it is Artists Helping Artists. 

Leslie's shows are like listening to best friends every week. She is always looking for topics, artists to interview, etc. Her shows make me feel much less lonely as an artist. 

Some of her shows are about studio tips and tricks. This is a short video of my trying one of her tips. I did this back in October, 2014 when I had only about 15-30 minutes of art time a day (if I even had the energy, lol). My goal was to be in my art studio doing something, anything that made me feel like I was going forward. I spent time cleaning, purging, prepping surfaces, trying techniques, and listening to Leslie and her guest artist. 

Just in case you need the ugly looking link:

Angeline Marie of

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