Thursday, September 24, 2015

Calibrated Palm Trees Abstract Collage

Calibrated Palm Tree Abstract Collage,  8 x 8 inches, collage oncanvas board
©2015 Angeline Marie
There are three junk drawers and various paper books in my studio. My sketchbook has lots of ideas. At times, they merge into collaged design. 

This is one of my favorite abstracted palm trees this year. The papers were intentionally chosen for their textures, both actual and painted. The only words were intentionally left: calibrated for life's bumpy roads. It is a little busy to both your eyes and your fingers, but the paper designs do give a flow. 

Andy & I were flying to Virginia this summer. I was writing furiously in my sketchbook, mind mapping, drawing. Andy began peeking over my seat to see. I covered the page. He asked oh, I can't read that? My reply was not right now. Time sometimes is distance from how I am feeling. What I write is mine and self-centered and can hurt someone (not that there was something like that in this occasion). My sketchbooks hold pieces of me...but I do cover up and encrypt the items that are ugly to me...but at least those are out of my system! 

Angeline Marie of

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