Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Design Progress

Images & design are ©2015 by Angeline Marie

When I was little, I wasn't thrilled by having a scary, howling, dark, cold holiday close to my birthday. Now, Halloween is so much MORE that I love it! 

I've always wanted to paint a Halloween themed design...just was never thrilled with the still life options out there. Pumpkins, alone? Boring. Black cat? Ok...but....

Andy and I were out shopping today and saw a dog skeleton. I gasped. I want. I just ran out to our back patio to confirm that the dog skeleton is way too big with Andy and he said "yes, it was way too big for your studio." Ah, well. I am so happy with the cat and bird I picked up this year (along with some boring pumpkins!) that all is well. 

You'll recognize the bird from the sketchbook, eh? 

Angeline Marie of

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