Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Heart Canvases Limited Editions for Your Design!

Simon, my art studio cat, checking
out the heart canvases after a drink.

It's THAT time of year, AGAIN: Valentine's Day is approaching! 

The stores are full of cheap chocolate candies, tiny cards, plush sappy toys, jewelry, perfumes....The flower shops are all under pressure to deliver the most beautiful roses at high demand prices. 

What if you thought differently? What if...you bought ART for that special someone? GASP! You would be original, well remembered, at least given a sincere hug! The art would last way longer than everything but the jewelry (and that jewelry would have to be expensive). 

You could even give your loved one an experience of commissioning a painting for them, if you like my art styles but have an idea in mind. I have gift certificates available, too, if you want them to choose their gift of art.

It's a little too late to have a Limited Edition Heart Canvas ready with a painting for this Valentine's Day, but there are lots of choices on my website. I do have three (3) of these HEART shaped canvases to paint what YOU want on them! They are 11 inches across the diagonal and are 2 inches deep. They will be ready for hanging without the frame once your design is finished. Your painting is guaranteed ready by Mother's Day.

Abstracted Palm Trees in Lilac, 8x8 inches,
acrylics on canvasboard, $100.

To purchase, click the link.

You’re invited!
Andy & I are hosting an Art Open House on Friday evening and Saturday, March 11 and March 12, 2016. You can come on over and see all the paintings I’ve made and hang out with us. Maybe you’ll pick up some new wall candy for your home? I’ll be painting, waiting for you!

Angeline Marie of

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