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Restaurants in Homestead, Florida 2016

Apple Types Original Painting, 6 x 6 inches, oil on canvasboard

Homestead, Florida is surprising full of simple and good restaurants. This is a quick list of Andy (my husband!) and my favorite places, updated for you. No chain restaurants here! This list includes food places for all appetites. If a place was missed, share as a comment, please. 

Visit one before or after my Open Art Studio event on March 11 & 12th of this year.

Just want a snack? Try some of the best fruit milkshakes in this world are still at  Robert Is Here. However...Soriano Brothers has some great Cuban milkshakes (mamey and guava all year 'round).

For pizza and garlic rolls from heaven and a bueno-bonito-barato (good, pretty, cheap) experience, Mamma Mia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria 2 is STILL unbeatable. 

Andy and I have yet to find a great seafood place to enjoy in Homestead. Chefs on the Run does make great seafood dishes...but seafood is not their specialty. 

Stop by and get the best mofongo or Mongolian Beef in the South Florida area. Chefs On the Run of Homestead is the place for gourmet food and Puerto Rican delights. Daily specials are posted on their Facebook page. They were invited three years in a row to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and two years won prizes. Amazing menu and mouth watering desserts await. You will leave happy! 

Mexican food without frills, Las Aztecas has great chips and salsa and is one of our favorite eateries. For a more upscale experience, try El Santo Coyote, where salsa is made at your table. If you prefer a seafood Mexican meal with many awesome dishes of choice in a comfortable setting, try El Rincon de Jalisco.

Even Homestead, Florida has a Starbucks. However, if you are looking for traditional Cuban sandwiches, cafe cubano, pastelitos, etc. for a picnic, go to Cuba Bakery.Otherwise, Mario's Latin Cafe has real Cuban food by Cuban cooks. If you like picnic style casual dining, the Cuban sandwiches and other yummies are wonderful at Soriano Brothers (have a shake with that). 

Suvi Thai and Sushi Restaurant has sushi and Thai food. All the food here is wonderful…if you are looking for hot and spicy, pay attention when the servers ask you to rate how hot!

Three different ice cream experiences are in Homestead. For Cuban and tropical flavor ice cream, visit 4 JJJJ Pizzeria, Ice Cream, and Restaurant. For Mexican flavors, La Michoacana Mexican was recommended by the Miami Herald. 

Want really good United States American food? Check out the Redland Grill or theWhistle Stop for great "comfort food."

Is it evening? Sing karaoke at the Mutineer Wharf Bar and say hello to DJ Jim on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Enjoy awesome martini's at Flager's Martini Bar (say hi to Lynn, Mary, & Stephanie). The Dade Country Jail Bar rocks most weekend evenings, too, with some cold beers and great bands. Both Flagler's and Jail have been open in Homestead for almost two years at the writing of this post...and we hope they stay because we like both! 

Angeline's caveats on this restaurant list created:
Casual clothing style is allowed at all restaurants. All price ranges are included, starting from $10 per person. Please check each link for prices and perhaps menu items. Please check each link for the hours they are open to the public. Recommended places to visit list is created in a different blog post. 

If you follow the link below,
you'll find a few places Andy and I have not tried yet.

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You’re invited!
Andy & I are hosting an Art Open House on Friday evening and Saturday, March 11 and March 12, 2016. You can come on over and see all the paintings I’ve made and hang out with us. Maybe you’ll pick up some new wall candy for your home? I’ll be painting, waiting for you!

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