Monday, February 29, 2016

Bright Trees - 2nd Painting on Open Art Studio Postcard

Bright Trees,  20 x 24 inches, mixed media on canvas,  $780 by Angeline
When I made the video about why I chose this painting, I didn't have marked on the back the year. 

As you can see, I found the digital file which dates this painting to 2007, lol.

By 2007, I had a couple of years of painting with Baruj Salinas. My best friend, an older lady Angie Leo, passed away in January. 

Painting was joy and a challenge...learning how to manipulate paint and was just my missing friend that added sadness. 

Big difference between Tomando Vuelo and Bright Trees, eh? 

To learn why I chose this painting, hope over to my YouTube Channel by clicking on this sentence if the link below doesn't work for you (with a dash of please and thank you, lol).

PS: Happy Leap Year Day!

You're invited to my Open Studio called Organized Chaos: Retrospective of Art. It means you may visit my happy-fun-wonderful-chaotic-art-making place and see some of the paintings made! It's March 11-12, 2016 and you can find more details by visiting my webpage

Angeline Marie 

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