Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tomando Vuelo - 1st Painting on Open Art Studio Postcard

Tomando Vuelo, 16 x 20 inches, acrylics on canvas, circa 2004
by Angeline Marie Martinez

Tomando Vuelo (Taking Flight) was one of my most realistic paintings done in 2004. I was on the verge of being bored with had been four years of struggling to find decent instructors, hours that fit around my day jobs, and explaining why I wanted to paint. Add a dash of tedious paintings by trying to be hyper-realistic, and well...

I paint for the joy and the challenge and the messes created. 

The whole time I felt I was juuuuuust about to take off and fly during those years. It took me a bit longer, but I finally did find a different painting instructor...but you'll have to wait for my next story. 

Is there something YOU want to do that seems tough to explain to other people? What if you did it anyway? 

Me? I figured I would open my art studio and show you what I've been doing outside my day jobs all this time. LOL

To learn why I chose this painting, hope over to my YouTube Channel by clicking on this sentence if the link below doesn't work for you (with a dash of please and thank you, lol).

You're invited to my Open Studio called Organized Chaos: Retrospective of Art. It means you may visit my happy-fun-wonderful-chaotic-art-making place and see some of the paintings made! It's March 11-12, 2016 and you can find more details by visiting my webpage

Angeline Marie 

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