Friday, August 28, 2009

Bed Pieces Project 4

Today I've spent a few hours in my studio with the bed pieces & have become very scared and fascinated. Scared because I want & crave my client to love these paintings. Fascinated because my colors (palette) seem to be changing again to what perhaps she does not prefer.

My client wants sunset/sunrise with a lot of green palm trees. Lucky me, I enjoy painting palm trees, but they are not always green. Visit my webpage,, and you will see what I mean after you click on the header link to "Palm Trees."

Green. I painted in the sunrise. WOW. HOT, BOLD, FUN, FRESH, POPPING COLOR! Florida! I love this gushy, YUMMY color! Whoa, now, my client wants green. Where did the green go? I don't care about the green - I love the sunrise effects! Grumble, grumble, ok, I will tone down the sunrise & paint in the palm trees greener again. This, friends, is the palette change.

My "Second Mom" unexpectedly passed away in January, 2007. Shortly thereafter, not even a week later, my colors abruptly changed to moody, tonal, and somber. The bright colors seemed to have left with her, no matter what wet paint I poured onto my palette. The colors would mix into darker and sadder tones although my energy remained. I digress from the project...but now that it's August, 2009, it seems that the brightness wants to return!

Did it have to happen in the middle of this project?????!!!!!!!!

Standby this weekend for more adventures while I laugh until my sides hurt,
Angeline Marie

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