Thursday, August 27, 2009

Violin Project - OOOOOPS

Sometimes, there are OOOOOPS on projects. I had to repeat the following mantra last night: "DO NOT work on any art projects while super-duper TIRED. Repeat." I attempted to begin the violin last night...and had a very HAPPY accident.

I know what theme I want for the violin. I know what colors I want, too. I thought I wanted the entire violin painted, but the wood is too pretty to cover up completely.

I began by masking off some of the violin with painter's tape. Took the violin outside to spray paint. Read "Do not use spray paint in high humidity" and laughed. I live in Florida, where it is always humid. It'll be fine! Yeah...when the paint pooled around the edges, and the drips were extremely runny and the panic set in, the newspapers were grabbed to mop up & take off the paint.

As you can expect, the paint truly did not come off completely. The violin wood's finish is so glossy, that most of the paint didn't even adhere to the surface. Zach, someone who knows a lot about industrial paint, was almost called to aid me. The newspapers actually left behind a very cool effect, which I believe is going to be repeated with different colors.

Since pictures are worth more, I thought the effects left behind by my OOOOOPS are actually very cool. Reminds me of water, and how I love paint's application on wet paper.

I'll be happily, merrily, singing my way on this project & more this weekend. YIPPPEEEE!


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