Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blindspot by A Gentleman in Exile & a Lady in Disguise

People who really know me know that I LOVE to read. Read books, magazines, the newspaper, anything I can get my hands upon! People who have observed me get into a really good book complain that they have to call my name a few times to get my attention. I'm not ignoring them: I am truly in the world of the book!

Blindspot by A Gentleman in Exile & a Lady in Disguise is one such great read! This novel has it all: mystery, love, deception, murder, and a great sense of humor. It also has puns - well written puns! I can barely put this book down, and love the characters enough to pause & write this blog. Along with a few other books, this has become one of my favorites. I'm only in the middle of it!

To read the back of the hardcover slipcover, this is "A Novel of Passion & Politics in the Age of the American Revolution," set in Boston, America, 1764. The prose seems to be written with the language style of that time. Seems, because the language does not get in the way of the story line and stays fresh, lyrical, and FUN. The book is written in first person, with each of the two main characters having their own font. The events are seen from one character or the other, or both if the story event warrants two perspectives.

The story begins with a portrait artist who moves to Boston from London. He finds an apprentice who is not exactly whom the artist thinks. Between the artist and the apprentice, and their pasts, everything begins to boil. He falls in love, but doesn't seem to put all of the clues together (my pun intended). Love. Passion. Friendship. Murder. Betrayal. Aid. This adventure has to be read! I won't reveal more, because I want you to read the book!!!!

Whether you are an artist or not, this book is well worth the read!!!!

This book is authored by Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore.

Smiles, & going back to my book to continue laughing & grinning!
Angeline Marie

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