Friday, October 9, 2009

The Barnacle State Park - 3 Colors 1 Brush with Eric Speyer

What a great afternoon. It is rare that an artist offers an afternoon workshop on ONE day, and make it reasonably affordable! Eric Speyer decided to have one with the help of Windisch-Hunt Fine Art. The theme of the workshop was "3 Colors, 1 Brush," and we could use watercolors or oils. Of course, I had to differ, and took acrylics. 

We met right outside of the state park, the Barnacle, located in Coconut Grove, Florida. It is a small park, with many great little corners in which to get lost. It is one of the oldest properties in Miami-Dade, Florida. When Hurricane Andrew came through in 1992, the majority of it was destroyed. The boathouse, the home, and the grounds have since been restored, and quite beautiful. There are benches every where for you to sit and enjoy the breeze that is always blowing off the water. It is in the middle of the Grove, but you have to know it is there. For a $2 donation, you could spend the entire day there, enjoying the water, sailboats, and grounds. There are special events held there, such as concerts, etc., so choose wisely!

Any way, Eric directed us to view the same scene - the house as seen from the water. All of us did the same scene, but interesting how each of us view the world. I am only posting mine. We spent almost three hours painting the scene, and each of us finished. Of the five of us (including Eric), one was 8x10 in. and all the rest were 11x14 in. Besides having only three colors and one brush, the idea was to capture the light at the scene as quickly as possible. Hence, everyone was finished in three hours. 

Pretty good job for an afternoon! 

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