Thursday, January 28, 2010

Audience Participation Requested! First of ???

I would love your help with this semi-fantasy piece. It keeps telling me it needs more…but I am not sure what.

What do you think about the following:
The colors?
Placement of the horses?
Do you see any horses that I have not brought out in the painting?
If there is something that bothers you or is missing, what is it?

Truly, I appreciate your help. I started this art work with a canvas that used to be a palette. While I was smearing paint on this canvas for work on another, I say the horses in the right top corner. I stopped, looked at the canvas with a mirror, and found the other horses.

Now, it’s your turn to help the direction of this painting…because I’m stuck!

Thanks & smiles!
Angeline-Marie of


Santiago Perez said...

Angeline, the colors are fabulous especially the purple one. What I'm not too sure about are the horse heads in the sky. What is metaphore? What do they represent? Perhaps it's because they look like they're stuck there rather than emerging from something. It's the only fault I find with the painting

Clif said...

You are right, I can see EXACTLY what it is missing, a frame, and a wall to display it on. Don't muddy it up, it is just right.


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