Friday, April 9, 2010

Elephant Bull

“Elephant Bull,” acrylics on canvas, 24 x 20 in., 2007, $500

In 2007, I went on an adventure to South Africa. What a beautiful country! The people are determined, the landscapes full of light and color. Animals are everywhere but in the middle of downtown Johanesburg and Cape Town. The food is scrumptious. South Africa would be a place to return for a longer stay.

I also visited Victoria Falls. There is lodge there that has daily afternoon safari walks out to a blind overlooking a waterhole. A blind is like a hunter’s shack. The waterhole was visited by an elephant herd, carefully watched over by a huge elephant bulls. At one point, the closest bull stared right at us while we  held our breaths and snapped shutters. We knew elephants cannot see very well, especially at dusk, but they can certainly hear!

Incredible, fragile, and strong beauty, this bull’s photo is one of my best of those moments, and begged to be interpreted into a painting. Forgive me for not posting the photo, as it is one of 5000 shot during that trip (JOY)! Not easy to find...truly need to better organize my photos (or paint, but then you know what I choose).
Does “Elephant Bull” make you feel caught in the moment of hiding in a blind, hoping not to be discovered? No puns intended on the "bull!" LOL

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

A-M: Beautiful painting, as usual. This one is very meaningful to me. I have been all over the world, but South Africa is my dream trip. I planned it three or four times, but something always interfered. This August is a special anniversary. Perhaps, I just found some direction for my celebration. I will run it passed my wife. Thank you.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

The bull gives a great sense of presence. This is often not something you can feel through a photograph or painting but I believe you nailed it. Nice job and I love the other animal and landscape paintings you have showing on your website. Can’t wait for the next post!

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: Then, you MUST go to South Africa! It is incredible. If you can get into the reserve called Zulu Nyala, even better! If need help, let me know. Two friends have since visited this year, and they loved it.

Jason: Thanks! You landscape photos are awesome. Definitely need to start that collaboration...

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