Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Florida may not have Mountains...

This past weekend, Andy and I had an adventure to Key West on his BMW motorcycle. Most of the talk in biker groups is about twisty-turny roads, mud, mountains, switchbacks, hills, and stuff that is difficult to find in Florida.

So, Florida does not have mountains. Artists and photographers seem to have a similar gripe: but everything is flat! straight! boring! Boring? What? 

South Florida has COLOR. Blasting COLORS: hot, delicious, juicy COLORS. South Florida has clouds that are unbelievable and fantastic in shapes, sizes, and compositions. Blink, and it is for the scene in front of you to change and shift. Ok, it helped that I was on the back of Andy's motorcycle with the camera, but really Florida can change that quickly. 

These are some sample reference photos for future art shot this past weekend. They are all about the fun and colors. 

Angeline Marie of


Anonymous said...

Great reflection picture, were you guys moving at the time?

Angeline-Marie said...

Anonymous (lol): Yes, we were moving. Knowing Andy, I don't want to know how fast. =)

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